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About Us

Company «BUCHHAMER» was founded in 1990. For more than 25 successful work in the Russian and CIS market, we got a large customer base, among which can be seen as small companies, and large enterprises in a variety of fields. Active cooperation with the leading companies for the production of special equipment from Germany and other countries in Europe and Asia allows us to create a wide and varied range of products, in which each customer can easily find what you need it to him.

Our company specializes in the supply of specialized equipment, which is widely used for construction, repair, installation, municipal works of various kinds. Such equipment is usually purchased for the long term and must comply with the most demanding quality and safety standards, as well as being functional and modern. We take a responsible approach to each order and select the ideal solution for any problem, offering its customers the most practical and reliable special equipment.

If you need to purchase a paver or roller, wheel loader or grader, excavator or bulldozer crushing plant or dump, you can contact us, and the team «BUCHHAMMER» specialists advise you and select the perfect unit, which will provide a first-class performance.

Direct deliveries from the German manufacturers - a guarantee not only high-quality equipment, but also the best price, which will not include the numerous allowances intermediaries. In addition, to work directly with the manufacturers will make your work with us as convenient and fast.

Here you can find the products of such brands as:











as well as other well-known manufacturers.

We are constantly improving, to provide each customer full satisfaction of shopping in «BUCHHAMMER» company. We look forward to your requests!